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President Trump Calls For Investigation of Voter Fraud-Here’s Why

Trump, executive orders, voter fraud

President Trump tweeted out a claim that has Democrats and the main stream media throwing a fit. In a closed door meeting with Congressional leaders Monday President Trump made the claim and was quickly rebuffed by Democrats and Republicans alike. MSM immediately came out and stated that there is no evidence of such claims. The New York Times went as far as calling Trump a liar. While there is little evidence to back his claim, the Federal voter system has never been completely investigated. There is no disputing that there are dead people that are registered to vote on most state voter rolls. That is not 3 million as Trump claims. So why would President Trump put this out there without evidence? His own team has even backed off saying they agree. sean spicer, voter fraud

The MSM and Democrat’s basically gave President Trump his answer whether they think voter fraud exists. What has baffled Trump opponents is how he can make such statements and get away with it. President Trump knows that his enemies are so eager to prove him wrong, he only has to watch their reaction to know if he’s correct. Trump waited for 36 hours as the Democrat’s and MSM overreacted to the voter fraud allegation. They blasted his claims as made up, crazy, false, lies, unproven, unfounded, and outrageous. Even as President Trump signed Executive Order’s one after another, the MSM and Democrat’s persisted in their defensive stance. He destroyed almost every Executive Order Barack Obama signed in just 2 days. Yet, there was nothing from the Democrats and MSM. President Trump has used the hate that the left has against him brilliantly. The people that are attacking Trump are only making him stronger and they don’t even realize it. His rise to the leader of our country is no accident. His has outsmarted every detractor at every turn. He knew that if he went after voter issues the left would pounce. Which is why he has called for investigation into voter fraud. He already knows he is right before the investigation even starts. Democrat’s have blocked Republican’s every time they have raised the issue of voter fraud. They claim that voter suppression is the reason Republican’s want voter ID’s across the country. The real reason Democrat’s and MSM don’t want voter ID’s is that it will hurt them at the polls. California represents 55 electoral votes and has millions of illegal immigrants. If President Trump finds any voter fraud anywhere he wins. If he doesn’t, the Democrat’s and MSM have spent his first week as President chasing their tail as his orders are quietly implemented. Either way, Trump wins again. President Trump has used the emotions of the left to make them not notice he is taking away all their policies. Critic’s call President Trump petty and thin skinned. When in reality, they are the one’s letting emotions cloud their judgment.

Trump, executive orders, voter fraud

President Trump signing an executive order.