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Donald Trump Will Win in Landslide-Here’s Why

The Republican National Convention is half way done and all the Liberal media wants to talk about is Melania Trump’s use of excerpts from Michelle Obama’s speech. Why would this be such a big deal for Liberals? Why would they still be pounding the drum on this after 2 days? The simple answer is they are scared. They have watched in horror as Hillary Clinton has been totally revealed to the country as unfit and unsuitable to ever be President. They have no way of defending the indefensible so they grasp for straws. Melania Trump gave an incredible speech that resonated with the whole country. Liberals needed something to take away from the Republican momentum and this is what they chose. I watched this morning as they giggled about Chris Christie attacking Clinton about her email server. The crowd happily chanted “lock her up” as Christie eviscerated the Democratic nominee. The commentators who are all Clinton supporters talked of how this tactic will never work. They talked about the plagiarism allegations, as if Melania had broken the law, and they couldn’t understand why the Trump campaign would not admit wrongdoing in the matter.

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Watching this all unfold and wondering why would a credible news organization spend two days on basically a non story. Then I realized they were not talking about the actual convention but rather the controversy as they framed it. CNN is a liberal mouthpiece and the last thing they want to do is talk nicely about the Republican National Convention. When the Democrats look at Hillary Clinton they know they are in trouble. Their candidate should have been indicted and they know it. She has been proven by the head of the F.B.I. to have lied under oath and put national secrets at risk. Coupled with all the other baggage, it is not possible for Clinton to win in November. I am an Independent voter and have been my whole adult life. I have voted for both parties in the past. When I think of what Clinton did I can’t imagine having to back her in any way. The Democrats have propped her up and put all their chips on her so they have no other option. What they have failed to come to grips with is that most Americans are tired of the status quo. Americans are tired of politicians having one set of rules and the rest of us having another. The Liberals in this country see their dream being wiped away and it is self inflicted. The lies and insider deals have been exposed to ordinary Americans and we are furious. The elite, as they are called, have built Washington as a personal ATM. Career politicians who gain enormous wealth by making deals with lobbyists and special interest groups. It’s not just one party either, it’s both parties. The liberals haven’t figured out why Trump is doing so well and that will be their Waterloo. They think that because old time Republicans haven’t backed Trump that means the party is split. When, in fact, he has widened the appeal and brought so many more into the party. The Republican party has been inundated with new blood and new ideas. The Grand Old Party is getting a make over thanks to Trump. Bernie Sanders also brought that same thing to the Democrats but was beaten back by the establishment. The Democrats used Super Delegates to crush any uprising by the Senator.

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So why in the world would I ever think that Donald Trump would win the Presidency in a landslide? The simple truth is that there are so many people that are for Trump that are not saying it. My good friends own businesses and they are scared to death to announce their support. They know that if they do, they will be labeled by Liberals as racist, and it would ruin their businesses. The Liberals in this country have become so extreme in their opposition of Trump that they threaten ordinary Americans for thinking of backing Trump. The Liberal playbook is to shout down any opposition and use key words like “racist”, “bigot”, if someone disagrees with them. The problem with that tactic is it has been used too often. Americans are tired of the far right and the far left. Everyone in the middle is fed up and the victim will be Hillary Clinton. Ordinary citizens of all races and backgrounds are going to go to the polls on November 8 to issue their verdict about Hillary Clinton. My friends that are minorities have voiced the same concern about backing Trump. They want to scream it and they know they will be ostracized by those around them. There are more closet Trump supporters than anyone can imagine. You can’t take polls accurately when half the population is scared to voice support for the candidate they want. Right now, as I am writing this article the election is a dead heat according to every credible poll. Hillary has run over 130 million in ads against Trump while he has spent zero. Yet, they are still tied. That tells me and any fair minded person that the ads are ineffective because the messenger is Hillary Clinton. 67% of Americans think she is dishonest so any attacks by her will fall on deaf ears. Next week in the Democratic National Convention and you heard it here first. Bernie Sander’s supporters will turn their convention upside down. They hate Clinton and they feel like Bernie was robbed. Bernie endorsed Clinton to keep his job and get some of his agendas advanced. He sold his followers out and lost all credibility. The Democratic party will be in turmoil and the Republican’s will seize the momentum.

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The final straw will be the debates which will have Trump and Clinton going head to head. Donald Trump has enough ammunition to destroy Clinton. When you have an honesty issue it’s impossible to convince people you don’t. Trying to defend yourself just adds fuel to the fire. The American people are smart and they will see through Clinton’s lies and will come out in record numbers to make sure she never sees the White House again. The Democrats have protected Clinton at every turn by not having her take questions from the media. Now that the Presidential race is real, she will have no choice and it will be ugly. In my opinion, Donald Trump’s honesty is what will win him the Presidency in a landslide. He may say things that are off pudding, but at least he is being honest. How many politicians can you say that about? Certainly not Hillary Clinton.

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