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The “Nuclear Option” Democrat’s Should Not Have Used

Senate, nuclear option, power grab

     Eight years ago the Democratic party was riding an incredible wave of new found hope and American’s were ready for change. President Barack Obama had been elected and the Democrat’s had a majority in the House and Senate. The age of the Bush’s had finally ended and it was time for the Liberal agenda to be installed. With all the power in place, it was easy for Democrat’s to steamroll any Republican resistance. President Obama had his cabinet picks passed with some Republican cries, but they knew they had to play ball. The Democrat’s quickly established their home field advantage.

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     House leader Nancy Pelosi (D) and Senator Harry Reid (D) railed at Republican obstructionism for the first term of President Obama. As Obama’s policies were put in place it seemed that the country was split on whether they agreed with them or not. It seemed that President Obama’s first term was not helpful to the Democrat’s as the mid term elections saw them lose seats and the majority in the House. Although they still controlled the Senate, it seemed President Obama’s policies were not connecting with voters. In 2010 Obamacare was introduced and there was nothing that was going to stop it, according to Democrats. Republicans were not going to allow the bill to pass at any cost. But the Democrat’s ended up with the 60 votes needed and the bill became law. The roll out and the ensuing implementation were disastrous. Nancy Pelosi even admitted to not reading the bill before passing it. Although it got the 60 votes needed, there was not one Republican who voted for it.

obamacare, Obama, Pelosi, Reid

     In 2013 the Democrat’s held the Senate and were trying to get Obama’s nominees for judicial appointments passed in the Senate. Senator Harry Reid threatened the “nuclear option” which was a simple majority of votes in the Senate to override any filibuster’s that may be tried by Republican’s. This option would nullify the power of the minority party to block appointment’s by the President, except for the Supreme Court. Republican’s were concerned about the unfettered power that would come to the Democrat’s as the majority party. This option was the antithesis of what the Senate represented. The Senate has always been contentious, but to take away the power of the minority party to block nominations, was controversial to say the least.

Senate, nuclear option, power grab

     So in November of 2013 Senator Harry Reid changed the rules of the Senate and invoked the “nuclear option”. Some Democrat’s were concerned that someday the Republican’s could be in power and use the same nasty trick to push through their own nominees. As the people of the country started to focus on the Presidential race in early 2015, Democrat’s were hopeful about their chances in 2016 race. Hillary Clinton had been waiting on the sidelines for her historic run to be first female President. Then Donald Trump emerged as the front runner for the Republican’s and Hillary was all but assured the Presidency. Although the Democrat’s were losing House and Senate seats they were still going to get the Presidency.

     To say that the events leading up to the general election were unbelievable is an understatement. Somehow through all the vitriol and rhetoric Donald Trump pulled out the impossible victory.  He beat the Republican establishment, the Democrats, the Main Stream Media, and his own shortcomings to win. In their lust to have power the Democrat’s had made the “nuclear option” a play that could now be used against them. Harry Reid has retired and left the Democrat’s with nearly zero power. Obama’s policies and Obamacare failure had decimated the party. The Republican’s now have control over the House, Senate, and the Presidency. Add to that the “nuclear option” and you have trouble for Democrat’s for years to come. The Republican’s can now use the “nuclear option” to pass every nominee with 51 votes instead of 60. They can even use it to fill the Supreme Court vacancies just by tweaking the rules in the Senate. Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D) has even publicly acknowledged Democrat’s made a big mistake. Time will tell if this option is needed in the weeks ahead, but it should have never been put on the table in the first place.