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Main Stream Media Has Emboldened Trump’s Support

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The Liberal Main Stream Media has reached the height of frenzy like never seen before. President Trump’s support, among those that voted for him, has become emboldened. It’s a struggle between the people that voted for him and those that would rather die than see him as President. That’s not hyperbole either. Media outlets like CNN, New York Times, Washington Post among others, have pushed news that is proven to be less than truthful. Anonymous sources have come out of the woodwork to paint the President as unhinged and unworthy of the office. Deep state actors are working with officials behind the scenes to delegitimize the newly elected President. The feeding frenzy of the left has emboldened Trump’s supporters to fight back. Both sides are now openly throwing accusations and lies without any evidence. In the last two days anonymous sources have revealed stories that have been proven to be false. President Trump was accused of sharing classified information with the Russians during a White House meeting last week. The other three people in the room claimed the article as being totally false. Then the New York Times dropped an article stating the President Trump had asked FBI Director James Comey not to pursue the investigation against Michael Flynn. The Russian investigation that has been dragging on with zero evidence revealed to this point. Understandably Trump supporters are demanding evidence. Democrats and never Trumpers are just fine with the cloud sitting over the new administration. James Comey had kept notes after the meeting and was the source of the New York Times article.

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The crazed left immediately jumped on the story and the word impeachment was thrown around again. Obstruction of justice was the rallying cry from the media and Democrats. Trump supporters asked for evidence again and were perplexed as the world found out, no one had even seen the memo. The New York Times had been read an excerpt from Comey’s memo and decided that was good enough for them. Other news outlets spent all night and into the next day discussing impeachment for an act that would never stand up to scrutiny in court. The Liberal media has literally lost their collective minds. It’s on full display every day no matter what channel or digital outlet you subscribe to.

For over a year and a half the Liberal media has attacked President Trump and it has backfired in their face. Trump has managed to expose them and make their slanted opinions irrelevant. Trump has shown the country the collusion between political parties and the media. Wikipedia showed emails that major networks were sending stories to the DNC for approval and revisions. The entrenched Liberal media has become the enemy of President Trump and his avid supporters. The hate filled vitriol being spilled across the internet and print media has angered the same people that put Trump in the White House. Democrats have still not accepted the results of the election and they have a large megaphone called the national media. The country is becoming more divided with each new scandal pushed by those with agendas. Liberals control almost every aspect of media and they are not hiding their disdain for the new President. Channels like CNN have become anti-Trump infomercials, where like minded people can spew their venom to eager viewers who lap it up with joy. Democrats have learned nothing from their incredible loses across all levels of governing. Rather than give reasons to support their agenda, they bash anyone against them. Trump supporters are fine with this approach. While Democrats scream that the sky is falling with Trump, it is actually falling on them. Our country needs a healthy two party system and the Democratic party is fading away before our eyes.