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Democrats Using Same Playbook to Their Detriment

Democrats, protesters, muslim ban

While President Trump was signing Executive Order to implement a pause in immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries, Democrats were calling it a Muslim ban. Chuck Schumer (D) came out to denounce the EO and actually cried as he made his remarks. Other Democratic’s rushed to airport’s to show their support for protester’s who were against the pause in immigration. Democrat’s have used this order as a political play that is sure to push them even further to the left. President Trump and his advisors point out that the seven countries in the order were actually put together by the Obama administration. Trump’s supporters are applauding the order, because it was one of many promises that the President made and is following through on. For two years the President had promised to implement “extreme vetting” to stop radical Islamic terrorist’s from entering our country. With so many people seeking asylum from terrorist’s hotbeds, the vetting is necessary to keep American’s safe.

muslim ban, airport protests, Trump, Schumer

With all the changes that are happening in our country, why would the Democrat’s take this temporary ban so hard? The simple answer is they have to appease their base that has become anti-American in many of it’s stances. While the Democrat’s are complaining about President Trump’s policies, they have not offered any alternatives to keep terrorists out. Instead they have taken the path of civil disobedience. With every protest the Democrats are looking more and more like spoiled children. Screaming racism, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, and any other word that triggers their base. Meanwhile, the very people that made sure President Trump was elected, want the madness to end. They see this immigration ban as the right move to keep our country safe. During recent hearings in the Senate, the heads of the Intelligence communities said that ISIS would try to use the refugee program to infiltrate our country. President Trump sees it as his duty and right to protect American’s. Letting people into the country that are not vetted is not going to happen under Trump. His policies will continue to enrage Democrat’s while the country is taken in a different direction.

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The Democrat’s are letting their emotions cloud their judgment and the main stream media is feeding their hunger for everything anti-Trump. Even if you are not a Trump supporter, criticizing every single thing he says or does is not healthy. The reason Trump won the election is because he is an outsider. He is not a politician and most American’s are tired of politics. Democrat’s have lost their way without any leaders to stand up and talk with clear thought and policy. The Democratic party has lost it’s way and the extreme left is filling the void. Socialism and Anarchist’s have taken over parts of the Democratic party and it is becoming evident they are going nowhere. The Democrat’s have been exposed for blindly following Obama’s policies and assuming that their views were in line with middle America. President Trump won the rust belt and already has met with the leaders of the big unions. Trump has managed to pull the rug out from the Democrats when it comes to their base. Democrat’s were known for being the party of the working man. They have forgotten what their base wants and it spells doom in the upcoming 2018 mid term elections. If Democrat’s want to keep their party intact they need new leadership. In a recent DNC forum, Sally Boynton Brown said that she would shut other white people down. She is running to be the new DNC leader and wanted to let minorities to know they had a large part to play in the Democratic party. That is fine but shutting down any race from sharing their views will only push them to a party that listens to their views. The only way out of this downward spiral, is to get rid of all the radical leftist’s that are infiltrating the Democratic party. The alt right and alt left need to be expelled from both parties immediately. The clear thinking people of the country need to come together and have real dialogue. We are all American’s and our infighting is accomplishing nothing. Hopefully in the coming weeks, we will all calm down and find common ground to build better relationships in the future.

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