Hillary Clinton to Halt All Communications Until Nov.9

In a shocking move the Democratic nominee announced that she will go into hiding until November 9. Citing different sources from inside the campaign, they are afraid someone will ask her a question about her email server or any of the other scandals that have plagued her campaign.  “The logistics of vetting every person in the battleground states is just too much.” said one staffer. Clinton has had a good 4 days after using a Muslim father of a soldier, who was killed in battle, as a pawn to shamelessly further her agenda. The mounting pressure to deflect the whole countries attention away from her “extremely careless behavior” with her classified emails has taken it’s toll. She was heard yelling at the TV as she watched Donald Trump attack her again and again for being an overall failure at every level. Clinton was reminded that the soldier in question, was actually killed in a war that she helped create, was heard saying, “at this point, what difference does it make?” When asked if they thought going into hiding was a good strategy, her campaign responded with the following statement.

” Mrs. Clinton is going to be campaigning night and day from the safety of her palatial estate in New York. She will be in constant contact with her campaign as they try to figure out how to win this election without ever answering a single question. Mrs. Clinton wants her supporters to know that the Democratic party is more unified than ever. Although she has accepted millions from foreign governments and Wall St., she will do everything in her power to reign in the people that have given her millions. Mrs. Clinton trusts that her supporters will stand with her by mindlessly following her while she fights to keep the status quo. Mrs. Clinton also wants everyone to know that there is a right wing conspiracy at work to bring her down.”

hillary clinton

Clinton apparently has been having trouble functioning at all during the days since the convention ended. With more emails released showing she rigged her own nomination, and more to come, she is said to be ready to completely lose her shit. Insiders who are closest to Clinton think that she is losing her mind and it is all because the world has found out how corrupt she really is. Apparently she sees that her campaign is losing and a jail cell may be in her future. She knows that if Donald Trump beats her in November, the new Attorney General will not be so nice when it comes to her handling of classified emails and the Clinton Foundation. In a recent poll 67% of those polled found her untrustworthy. The other 33% of those polled live in a log cabin with no electricity and no contact with the outside world. Julian Assange has said there are more emails coming and that they will implicate Mrs. Clinton even more. Her campaign’s response is that the Russians are behind the hack and they are in cahoots with Donald Trump. When asked if the Clinton Foundation received millions to help Russia get uranium Hillary responded “nyet”.