The Real Reason CNN Shows Trump So Much


Last night we were watching CNN as always and I noticed something that I hadn’t before. Almost everyone on the panel has their affiliation with one party or the other. They sit there and talk about the candidates and why they will win or lose. I always agree or disagree with the same people which is why they have differing opinions on the panel. It would not be much fun to watch everyone agree all the time. We are Trump supporters so we love that he has gotten the lion share of the news cycles coverage. While we were watching last night something was different. As the results came in and Cruz bowed out I noticed a change. At the same time Hillary Clinton was losing to Bernie Sanders by a substantial margin and not one person was talking about that. I know that Trump getting the RNC to say he is the presumptive nominee was huge news but what about Clinton getting beat by Sanders again? To understand why this wasn’t important to CNN and it’s reporters made me think back to the beginning of the race. When Trump announced he was running everyone brushed it aside and thought there is no way this guy can win. As he gained more steam his air play went through the roof. His views were expanded and broadcast across all the news channels. MSNBC, CNN, NBC, all jumped in to show this billionaire with his crazy ideas about immigration and trade. Meanwhile, Fox News which is absolutely the most Republican friendly news channel on the planet, was fighting with Trump. His coverage was not as fair and balanced as is the norm with most Republicans. He was having a spat with Megan Kelly which led to some threats from the Fox News brass. Why would CNN and these other outlets give the opposing candidate so much air time? The simple answer is they thought if they showed him being outrageous and insulting people that we would run the other way and vote for a Democrat. They felt as though exposing his views would make all of the American people appalled by the absolute craziness. They really believed that pushing him into the spotlight would bring the Republican party down, and make people flock to the Democratic side. Those efforts have backfired and created a movement that won’t be stopped. They have kept the light shining bright on Trump for another more terrifying reason to the Democrats. They didn’t want to show how flawed Clinton is against Bernie Sanders. Last night as Bernie was winning Indiana they focused on Trump all night because they know that there is a high probability the Democratic convention will be contested. It’s crazy to think that a month ago the Democrats were jumping for joy at the notion there would be this huge fight on the Republican side. The establishment on the left has bigger issues than Donald Trump to worry about. There is a movement that is going to swell and try to take over their party. Bernie Sanders beats Clinton every time there is an open election. That tells us that her only support comes from very liberal people inside the party. Independents are coming in droves for Sanders and the establishment does not know what to do. The liberals in this country are in panic mode and are pulling out all the cards to drum up support. They say Trump is a racist, bigot, xenophobe, sexist, and all the things that they know will get a reaction from their base. The problem is that this tactic has been so over used that intelligent Americans are done with that attack. We are tired of political correctness getting in the way of common sense. We know what you are going to say before you say it. The Republican party has been so stuck in it’s ways that it has lost the connection with what people really want. We want someone to change the course of the country. We are tired of a government that is giving away our children’s future to win elections. The only way they stay in power is by dividing the nation. Donald Trump has brought a voice to the silent majority and we are all going to vote these career politicians out of office. While Hillary deals with Sanders, Trump will be uniting the party and setting up the strategy that will beat Hillary in the fall. I say Hillary because the Democrats have the fix in to ensure she is the winner. The super delegate system was set up to squash movements like Sanders. These are the most powerful people in the party and they are on the Hillary train. The fact that Sanders is getting hosed like this is why Donald Trump will win the election against Hillary. The Democrats are doing to their voters what the Republicans tried to do to their voters and failed.  If there were super delegates on the Republican side this primary would still be going. The Democrats even admit that the super delegate system was put in place to stop an insurgent candidate from winning. In other words, the will of the voters does not matter. Clinton is desperate to get the primary over and have Bernie fall in line. We think Sanders supporters will not support Hillary and they will vote for Trump to spite her and the Democrats for stealing this election. So as I watched the election results come in I could see the fear and disbelief on the faces of the panel on CNN. What they saw was their political party crumbling before their eyes as Bernie beat Hillary and Trump became presumptive nominee. The establishment on both sides is now trying to figure out what to do next. That is what happens when you have Washington elites that are so out of touch with the rest of the world. They equate their beliefs and values with everyone, when the truth is we don’t agree with most of their opinions. The people of this country are tired of both parties, and luckily the Republicans expressed that in a big way by voting in the person we wanted. It was not the candidate that was forced on us by a group of Washington insiders. We are so excited to finally get someone who will call Hillary Clinton out for the countless flaws she has. We really don’t know whether we want her to get indicted or actually run against Trump. I think after Trump starts his attacks she will wish she was indicted. #DTMAGA #DTPOTUS #TRUMP2016